We have a long-standing commitment to our clients.

Sweet Financial brings local, personalized and comprehensive financial planning, wealth management and investment services to the southern Minnesota and northern Iowa regions, along with clients in 31 other states. Our client-first mindset means we strive to always be transparent in everything we say and do.


A strong history of serving our clients.

  • 1979 – Bryan Sweet started his financial services career
  • 1987 – Bryan Sweet founded Sweet Financial Services in Fairmont, Minnesota
  • 1989 – Developed a relationship with Raymond James Financial Services
  • 1995 –  A basic 401(k) platform is offered through Sweet Financial
  • 2004 – A more comprehensive 401(k) platform is offered for businesses
  • 2008 – Sweet Financial began offering the current Wealth Management System to clients
  • 2011 – Bryan Sweet created The Dream Architect™ program
  • 2013 – The Client Review Scorecard was introduced
  • 2013 – Sweet Financial created the SmarterWomen program; now known as Women Forward
  • 2014 – Decision Center became part of our Wealth Management System
  • 2015 – Goal Planner became part of our Wealth Management System
  • 2015 – Sweet Financial hired our first Intern!
  • 2016 – SmarterWomen was renamed to Women Forward
  • 2016 – Sweet Financial created the Smarter Business program

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