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Deal or no deal?

The Markets Last week opened with heightened trade tensions between the United States and its allies. It closed with the United States imposing new tariffs … Read more

Advisor Magazine Feature

Sweet Financial Featured in May 2018 Edition of “Advisors Magizine”!

by Jane Meggitt, “Advisors Magazine” (May, 2018, pages 54-56) A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO MONEY MANAGEMENT Diving Deep into Client Goals and Dreams Bryan Sweet is … Read more

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Tech Trends for At-Home Seniors

Advances in digital home technologies can help retirees maintain healthier, happier lives as they grow older. As more seniors opt to age in place, staying … Read more

10 Common Scams

10 Common Scams and How to Avoid Them

Familiarize yourself with these common swindles, often targeting retirees. As we age, we may become more susceptible to fraudsters who make a living preying on … Read more

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We had Good, Bad, and the Unexpected

The Markets If the countries were instruments, last week sounded like a fifth grade garage band. World markets were buffeted by a clamor of good, … Read more

Slott 2018

Oliver Kollofski Completes Advanced Training from America’s IRA Experts

Members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor GroupSM Studied Latest Retirement Account Planning Strategies, Estate Planning Techniques and Tax Laws at Semiannual Workshop Oliver Kollofski, … Read more

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Rise of the Senior Move Manager

More people are discovering a relatively new industry that helps retirees downsize. Moving isn’t exactly fun. Whether you do it yourself or hire movers, it … Read more

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Too much? Too little? Or just right?

U.S. stock markets were relatively calm, although they finished the week lower. U.S. Treasury yields hit a 7-year high and finished the week above 3 … Read more

7 Science-Backed Reasons Traveling Helps You Succeed in Life

7 Science-Backed Reasons Traveling Helps You Succeed in Life

We all know that vacation lowers stress.[1] After all, ditching your laptop for a beachside massage leaves little to worry about. But did you know … Read more

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How do employers lure staff in a tightening labor market? The curly tail grubs and spinnies of the business world are higher wages and better … Read more

Spring Cleaning

How To Make Money Off The Treasures You Find During Spring Cleaning

Two ways to win: less stuff in the house, more money in the wallet – Decluttering the house is good for your mental health — … Read more

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What in the world?

A lot happened last week. Some of the notable events included: Trade talks between the United States and China. The talks were described as “frank, … Read more