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3 Ways A Financial Advisor Can Help After the Death of a Spouse

When you lose your spouse… your whole world changes.   You can’t remember things, can’t even think about making any decisions.  You feel numb and you … Read more


Adjusting to Your New Income After the Death of a Spouse

A lot of things change after the death of a spouse, and adjusting to a new income is no small task. Especially if your loved … Read more


Social Security Survivor Benefits Explained

Many American widows and widowers get survivor benefits from social security.  If your spouse has passed away, you could collect these benefits.  You may receive … Read more

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Establishing a Budget: 8 Tips to Set and Achieve Your Budget Goals

How confident are you about your financial future?  If you are dealing with some uncertainty or have concerns, studies show that you are not alone.  … Read more


Important Questions to ask a Late Spouse’s employer

Losing your spouse is a huge loss in your life.  What do you do now?  Where do you go, who do you notify, who will … Read more


Facing Your Finances After Losing a Spouse: 4 Things to Do After Losing a Spouse, Part 2

When you’re grieving the loss of a spouse, the future can seem further away than ever. But taking steps to secure your finances can be … Read more


Facing Your Finances After Losing a Spouse: 4 Steps to Take Now, Part 1

When a spouse passes away, it’s a devastating loss, and it can be hard to even think about all the financial concerns that need to … Read more

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THIS EVENT HAS PASSED: Sweet Financial, Women Forward and Mayo Clinic Health System Present:

THIS EVENT HAS PASSED. Improving Brain Health for Better Living with nationally renowned speaker and author Dr. Amit Sood Dr. Amit Sood Sweet Financial Services and Women Forward … Read more


Not Alone: Resources to Lean on When Your Spouse Dies

Losing a spouse can leave you feeling very alone. After all, you’ve lost so much more than the word “spouse” can describe—your partner, your helper, … Read more


What to Do When Your Spouse Dies

Losing a loved one is devastating, and handling financial obligations during this time can be very challenging. It’s difficult for many people to even know … Read more


THIS EVENT HAS PASSED: Estate Planning- Make the move to protect the ones you love!

THIS EVENT HAS PASSED. Have you asked yourself the following questions? What are my goals for my family? What are my goals for my assets? … Read more


Saving for Retirement: How Women Can Prepare

Saving for retirement can seem like a big task, and women face some unique challenges that could make it seem even larger. Thanks to things … Read more