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Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium

Bryan Co-Hosts Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium in Miami

Bryan has a passion for helping his clients, team and colleagues to think big – helping people realize their biggest potential.  It is because of this passion that Bryan decided last year to partner with Randy Carver, another of the highly regarded Raymond James advisors, to create a platform where they can act as advisors to other advisors. 

On Thursday, January 18th, some of the most elite advisors from across the country gathered in Miami, Florida for 2 ½ days at the Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium hosted by Randy Carver of Carver Financial Services out of Mentor, Ohio, and Bryan J. Sweet of Sweet Financial Services located in Fairmont, Minnesota.

With 70 years of experience between the two of them, Bryan and Randy are in the top 1% of Raymond James Independent advisors* and have a great deal of expertise in wealth planning for their clients. Throughout their time in the industry they both felt that they had not attended a conference that focused its sole attention on building your business.  There were many conferences out there that bits and pieces of what they were looking for, but being in the financial services industry many were more product focused versus focused on what it takes to build a successful practice.

It is because of this potential gap in content that Bryan and Randy decided to partner and create the Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium.  Speakers flew in from around the U.S. to give presentations based on systems, culture, technology, teams and marketing – all geared towards making the attendee’s businesses even better.

While Bryan is a native to our area and his business is situated in the small town of Fairmont, Minnesota, he does not let population control his reach!  With clients in 31 states and 3 countries, Bryan is able to help many people align their finances with their most important dreams, so they can allow their money to work for them.

Bryan has been fortunate to build a successful practice over the years so he has now turned to help others do what he has done, while hopefully sharing some shortcuts to have more gain than pain along the way.

Bryan has said time and time again that the key to building a successful business, regardless of what industry you are in, is to be in the business of helping people.  If you help others get what they want out of life with the purest of intentions, the opportunities that will be put in front of you are endless.

The Elite Wealth Advisor Symposium was such a success that Bryan and Randy are already working on the next opportunity to bring together like-minded wealth planners from across the US to continue the momentum and excitement from an event focused on growing the practices of elite advisors.

*Based on production in the RJFS ICD Division


Investment advisory services offered through Raymond James Financial Services Advisors, Inc. Carver Financial Services and Sweet Financial Services are not registered broker/dealers and are independent of Raymond James Financial Services.

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